We honour our commitments. Confidentiality is one of them. Hence, the few references quoted below are anonymously given. Of course, we remain available to introduce you to those persons.

    “Consultants of ACI Projets support us in the definition of our project processes and the right understanding of them by our teams. A second step consisted to move these processes in a dedicated tool. Currently this a success !”
    CIO, Suisse

    “We highly appreciate the fact that ACI understand our need, and that they purpose the project management software that fit the best with our expecations and specificities.”
    Project manager aeronotic, France

    “The assessment is very positive. Everyone appreciated the consulting professionalism and remarks relevancy.”

    Department manager – Belgium

    “I reiterate all my thanks for your availability and professionalism. We now have a tool to work and put things right.”

    CIO – France

    “You accomplished an outstanding work in a few weeks.”

    Department manager – France

    “My initial scepticism evaporated during the first days to make way for certainty…we had to make things change to progress.”

    Company Owner/Director – Morocco

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